Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soul searching calls to.....

Hi ya folks,

I just realised that most of us are so pained when we make calls to call centers (sounds weird to call) and argue on trivial issues like wrong payment or wrongly ripped (although a strong word) hours together. But come to think of it isn't it rather nice to learn that our nation is so giving and benevolent in providing for a living to those who's IQ level falls even below the sub zero level??

Also its sort of a soul searching (notice i somehow managed to use the title in the blog text!) exercise. Its that time when we can dole out a healthy portion of pent up frustrations and emotions, which if left inside would have had left us reeling in health problems. Chest pain is the one that comes to my mind immediately!! There's usually a feel good factor and i have done good to this society kind of feeling associated with calls such as this. I mean, we're obviously not making these calls because we want to save on a few paise but rather for the benefit of mankind. We empathize with our fellow human beings and as a result speak for them as well.

So all who read this blog, please finish reading this quick and call the number of your choice for some serious soul searching (again the title is used very cleverly!)

Actually i just wanted to blog today...sorry for all that was said above.!



Uma said...

Hey gud one Anna! and so very true!!!!

Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

How good you actually feel after you give some one a piece of your mind. Anon, better! (S)he cant sue you :)

Rashmi said...

Chumma dont write di. There should be some matter in a post. Not arbit crap. Thu.