Thursday, August 14, 2008

Soul searching calls to.....

Hi ya folks,

I just realised that most of us are so pained when we make calls to call centers (sounds weird to call) and argue on trivial issues like wrong payment or wrongly ripped (although a strong word) hours together. But come to think of it isn't it rather nice to learn that our nation is so giving and benevolent in providing for a living to those who's IQ level falls even below the sub zero level??

Also its sort of a soul searching (notice i somehow managed to use the title in the blog text!) exercise. Its that time when we can dole out a healthy portion of pent up frustrations and emotions, which if left inside would have had left us reeling in health problems. Chest pain is the one that comes to my mind immediately!! There's usually a feel good factor and i have done good to this society kind of feeling associated with calls such as this. I mean, we're obviously not making these calls because we want to save on a few paise but rather for the benefit of mankind. We empathize with our fellow human beings and as a result speak for them as well.

So all who read this blog, please finish reading this quick and call the number of your choice for some serious soul searching (again the title is used very cleverly!)

Actually i just wanted to blog today...sorry for all that was said above.!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ho! Hum...

Sometimes I wonder if one can be simple and yet diplomatic in their approaches. I checked the meaing for diplomacy/diplomatic in the dictionary and to my surprise i find it really has a positive side to it. But to me being diplomatic has a very negative connotation. When people mask their true intentions and sugar-coat them arent they being cunning, sly , etc? Cant we simply say whats on our mind, of course in a way it wouldnt hurt others' sentiments, and not be thought of "oH! that one's a sure cat on the wall! I wouldnt trust her if i were you!"? There have been quite a few instances when I have come across people confiding in me about how they find someone/some issue annoying but when asked to voice their opinion silently back out or better still act in a completely nonchalant manner.

Ho! Hummm think its time I joined the bandwagon ....i mean if you cant beat 'em you might as well join 'em...right??

This whole blog is not to advocate against being diplomatic, in fact I truly think its one of the qualities that should be inculcated even at the school level.

Now ain't that all tact?? Aha!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm a mother!

So this is going to be my maiden blog! And what better to write about (actually i couldnt come up with anything nice for now. So i lifted the idea of my friend's blog! ) than how I entered motherhood.

One fine day on Feb 9, 2007 I planned to go shopping to get my husband a gift for Valentines Day but since I didnt have the car with me, a friend (Rashmi) and I decided we'd go by our very own and native mode of transport "THE AUTO"! For some reason, i would'nt quite term it as a woman's intuition (hate to give Rashmi anymore ammo against me than she already has!), Rashmi felt i should check using the home pregnancy kit test and she was'nt comfortable with the idea of us going by rick that day. I kind of shrugged off her suggestion at first, but Rashmi isnt one to let go easily. So off we went and got the test done! Wala! the test came POSITIVE!! Nahhhhhhiiiinnn (oH! this wasnt the intended reaction!) Wowwww! I immediately called my husband (Rishi) and conveyed the news. It was a little shocking for me but Rishi was simply unnerved by the whole thing. All he ahd to say was "Oh Congratulations!. Can i call you back later?"

I was shaken up as we hadnt quite planned for this and just popped out of no where. Now considering we were not on any contraceptives (heehee!) this was'nt that much of a surprise.Anyway so in the evening my husband and I said we could have the baby and the chapter was closed there.

So a few days passed till we broke the good news to my in-laws and parent. Both sides naturally were more than happy to hear it. Now I was kind of unhappy cos as I didn’t quite experience anything like they do in movies where the girl faints and then an old woman (don’t question the educational background!) would proclaim the good news admist cheer. There was no song singing in the background with ladies clad in the most funniest costumes dancing to the tune or those picture perfect moments!! :( But nevertheless all the signs soon ensued. I was three months completed and the news was soon being disseminated amongst members of the family. Not to mention the barrage of advices that followed. I loved it tho! Especially the attention that was being showered on me! (After all a leo am I !) I shall spare the audience with the puking bit of being pregnant and other such gory details! So days rolled by and I was now entering my ninth month. The baby shower function was planned and I took my maternity break and was heading off to chennai.

The baby shower was scheduled for the 5th of September, 2007 at Palmgrove Hotel in Chennai. Not to far and close to home. So the day passed and here I was that morning in the hotel all decked but still somewhat oversized. (Common I was in my ninth month then!) The chair was not comfortable and I somehow sat patiently till all the elders came by blessed and wished me luck. Back home after the whole rig was the part I longed for. A couple of weeks passed and I was asked to come the gynaec's clinic every other weekend as my due date neared.
So on one such weekend I tried to schedule my doc's visit just so my husband could be there with me. Unfortunately the date was not available and the next available one was on a Monday (8 October 2008). So my husband went back to Bangalore and again I don’t know if it was woman's intuition I did not feel very good at the idea of him travelling that weekend back to Bangalore. But my husband did and since the due date was said only somewhere during the third week of October he was quite convinced that I would'nt go into labor before. My grandmother and other grand folks at home were also quite sure that it wouldn’t be too soon before then. They say they saw signs!! (heehee makes it sound mysterious doesn’t it?!)

I went for regular weekly checkup on Monday the 8th of October, 2008 and waited for a bit before my turn arrived. The doctor as usual checked my Blood pressure, signs of anemia, etc etc. When she did take a the BP she seemed not to happy as it was I believe quite high. She asked me if I were feeling dizzy or if I had some argument / excited discussion on the way too hospital. I answered no and was told to wait for a few minutes outside before taking a second reading. My BP then was 190/100 (apparently the normal level was to be 120/90). So I waited unknowingly and quite composed. My parents were inside the doc's room for a while as I waited outside. Then I saw my dad come out and talk to me. Naturally I was a little anxious to know what was happening but not too much. The nurse meanwhile came back and gave me the chit with my BP reading 210/100. Oops! I thought ok there is something going wrong somewhere. The doc advised that a C-section be performed at the earliest before I go into more complications. My dad most casually was ok with the C-section being carried out then and there. I had to quite tell him "Common dad this is no birthday cake to cut as and when we please!" So the day was decided to be the following morning at 8:30.

My in-laws were called and so was my husband. He took the train the flight that very night so he could be there in the morning. All prepared and little jittery I was wheeled into the operation theater at 8:20am. The night before I was not allowed to eat anything after 8pm. Just so I didn’t have a full stomach when the operation was performed. Ok here comes the weird part, as I was laid on the table waiting for my stomach to be cut I hear the docs discussing their tailoring woes and how they have not been able to get their dresses stitched! I was thinking …..Whoa! How about me now being worried about you guys stitching me back in place!! Nahhhhhiiiin. Anyway the anesthetic was given and I soon fainted. I was told that baby was out at exactly 8:41am and I gained conciousness only in the evening. My BP was not down as yet and I was wheeled into the ICU for observation. I was apparently in the ICU for almost 2 wole days mostly under sedation. But all that beings well ends well and am LOVIN IT!! Being a mom and the little antics my son dishes out day after day!! Its been almost 10 months now and wonder how the days flew by?!!!

Alright…phew!! That’s a lot to blog esp when am starting off!! Cya soon with another (am assuming that this was interesting to you guys!) topic to blog on.!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tada! Am gonna start blogging!

Ok, before I proceed to narrate my experiences about anything and everything that I come across, let me make some disclosures (pardon me but providing disclaimers is part of my job as an analyst! We simply love giving these long winding disclaimers and of course not to mention use the most appropriate font size (read tiny but legible) just so the reader can never hold us up for anything! Aha!).

Viewership is discretionary. The blogger (A.k.a MES!) cannot be held responsible for anything acted upon reading the blog.

Watch out this space for some nice and light reading!