Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ho! Hum...

Sometimes I wonder if one can be simple and yet diplomatic in their approaches. I checked the meaing for diplomacy/diplomatic in the dictionary and to my surprise i find it really has a positive side to it. But to me being diplomatic has a very negative connotation. When people mask their true intentions and sugar-coat them arent they being cunning, sly , etc? Cant we simply say whats on our mind, of course in a way it wouldnt hurt others' sentiments, and not be thought of "oH! that one's a sure cat on the wall! I wouldnt trust her if i were you!"? There have been quite a few instances when I have come across people confiding in me about how they find someone/some issue annoying but when asked to voice their opinion silently back out or better still act in a completely nonchalant manner.

Ho! Hummm think its time I joined the bandwagon ....i mean if you cant beat 'em you might as well join 'em...right??

This whole blog is not to advocate against being diplomatic, in fact I truly think its one of the qualities that should be inculcated even at the school level.

Now ain't that all tact?? Aha!


RS said...

U owe me so much, u B!

Bobby said...

Howdy neighbour! For those who come in late, I'm the neighbourly inspiration behind this blog! But I'm gonna start a blog way cooler than this...wait a minute, I'm too busy at work. Hahaha, but seriously well written. Waiting for an encore.